The REWRITE conference is coming up soon. Its not too late to register, and though its true that I am one of the speakers, don”t let that stop you from taking it seriously. There are actually some very impressive people who will be sharing. If you have written a book and are looking for a publisher, you have an idea for a book, or you want to someday have an idea for a book, this conference may be right for you.

Tyndale House Publishers is offering one of the attendees a book contract. If you come with your proposal ready and a sample of your writing, you may be selected for a $15,000 publishing deal. Read more at here.

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One thought on “REWRITE

  1. Thanks for posting this Joel! It’s going to be a great conference and we are looking forward to what you have to share.

    One point of clarification . . . They need to submit their proposals using the proposal templates on the conference website ( to They will be evaluated for the finalists prior to the conference.

    Thanks! Hope to see all of you there.