Some Final H Street Foreplay

p>Let me start by promising that this will be my final post about H Street until we are ready to announce a time and date as to when we will screen the show. Too much foreplay without resolution only leads to frustration.

The brilliant Argonaut has offered their location for us to screen the show for the first time to a live audience. We plan to set up a projector and some sound and invite the cast, crew, local H Streeters and press to the screening. This will happen sometime in the next 3-4 weeks. Once we have confirmed everyone’s schedules, I will post the date and time here. And yes, we will have pitchers of beer ready for everyone watching. Anyone who’s been to the Argo knows they have magnificent beer.

Now, for some final foreplay about the show…

While Seinfeld was  a show about nothing, I suppose it is possible to have a show about a street. So long as it makes you laugh, why not?

However, in the case of H Street the sitcom, our show “is not about H Street” as was stated in Washington City Paper a couple days ago. Though, it is safe to say that the street and city act as characters in the show.

What’s great about H Street  (the actual street), and one of the many reasons we chose to not only use it as our location, but also the name of our series, is that there is so much “non-DCness” mixing with “uber-DCness” (which side is which depends on how long you have lived in the city). Or maybe it is more safer to say that the two, very different faces of DC interact more than usual on this brilliant street. This definitely offers the opportunity for some great comedy and works as the “backdrop” for our series. And that’s all the foreplay I can stand for now. Stay tuned for our release date!

In previous posts I have profiled the cast of H Street, now I want to mention our brilliant crew who worked tirelessly over 5 long nights of filming.

The Crew of H Street

Line Producer and 1st AD: Lorin Miller, Associate Producer: Aaron Fussner

1st A’s: Benjamin Clark, Dain Valverde      Production Sound: Chad Bartlett

Sound Design by Drew Kennedy, Shana Janelle of Cosmetic Artistry did a brilliant job with the hair and makeup. Our Set Photographer was the great Melanie Hershberger

Our Production Assistats were Aaron Fussner, Benjamin Clark, Leyland McGann

And of course the co-creators of the show, Kasey Kirby and Dominic Turano.

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