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Since posting the H Street trailer we have been getting quite a few questions around how and when we plan to release the pilot. Unfortunately we can”t post the show online until it has aired at the festivals. However, between now and then we will have a few public screenings. As to when and where these screenings will be, we will let you know in the coming days.

For now, I”ve posted more pictures as well as some additional info about the show.

H STREET LOGLINE: Two worlds collide as we follow both H Street- a sitcom of four unlikely people thrust into friendship after surviving a robbery- and a production team struggling to complete a show that will be worth watching.


MORE H STREET CAST: In my previous blog I highlighted H Street”s five primary characters shown above. Below are some more cast members who may not command as much screen time, but they did a brilliant job nonetheless.

Charles (Marcus Brandon) is the owner of the Argonaut. Although almost nothing phases him, Charles is about to have a very bad night.

Burglar (Julian Martinez) disrupts everyone”s night when he barges into the Argonaut armed with a gun, a Justin Bieber shirt and a terrible british accent.

Waitress (Cara Morgan) is a DC hipster who has worked at the Argonaut since the day it opened.

I feel the need to offer an explanation here as well.

Just because the show is called H Street does not mean it is about H Street. And though it takes place in Washington DC it is not about DC. Both the city and the community are simply the backdrop for our characters and their story. That Seventies Show wasn”t about the seventies and It”s Always Sunny in Philadelphia had little to do with Philadelphia or it”s always wonderful weather. For some reason people seem to think our sitcom is all about the street and the surrounding neighborhood. And though we agree, a documentary about the area and the people living nearby would be riveting, it is not what we created. The brilliant look and feel and vibe and diversity and “edginess” of the area is simply a great backdrop to our characters and their story. Thought I suppose it could be said that H Street and the surrounding area do act as a character in the show, which does give it a local feel.

Once again, here is the first trailer for H Street.


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