The Adventures of Princess Juno: Part 1

I have always believed storytelling is the most important skill we can ever learn. It translates into every aspect of our lives: loving, sharing, giving, leading, championing…etc. If we understand our parts in the greater story of this world, the entire world will be a different (and better) place because we were here.

While visiting my nieces and nephews over the past many years I have endeavored to do “interactive storytelling” with them. I start the story and we all play a role, repeating lines, acting out scenes (usually battle scenes with me as the villain) and helping forge the story. 

With my daughter Juno, I plan to do the same. It will help her imagination grow and give her a fantastical outlook on the world. It will allow her to be the hero night after night in all sorts of crazy and fun adventures. However, I am also a filmmaker and I want to take this form of storytelling to the next level.  I want Juno to learn to be the hero in the story so that it will translate to the rest of her life, and I truly believe it is never to early to start! We are all heroes in the greater story, we just have to learn how to live like it.

A couple nights ago Megan and I set up a backdrop, wrote out a story and made Juno our hero. If she can learn to be the hero in our nightly stories, I believe it will translate to the rest of her life. So, I would like to introduce our new web series, The Adventures of Princess Juno. This series stars Juno Jehan as Princess Juno, Megan Nykyforchyn-Clark as The Ferry God Mother, Durban the dog as The Great and Mighty Beast and myself as Reginald the Lion. Stay tuned for more of this brilliant new series.

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3 thoughts on “The Adventures of Princess Juno: Part 1

  1. I loved it. I have no idea how you got Collin Farrel to do the voice over, but wow it is awesome! I have to say, the wand is the coolest piece. They have definitely changed over the ages. Juno is indeed the brave heroine! Keep on championing on Juno!

  2. Can’t wait to have the company of these frightful yet awesome characters at our house next week. Juno, what adoring parents you have.

  3. Hey Joel and Megan,
    This is AWESOME. So great to see such a creative way of updating everyone about your family.